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FFFEST is a screening and talk series, created by PASSERBUYS and WOMEN & FILM, celebrating the accomplishments of women filmmakers.


A screening and talk series celebrating the achievements of women in cinema.

Our mission is simple - we want more women to make films. We believe the best way to make that happen is to celebrate the women leading the way and to share information with each other. The purpose of the festival is not to exclude men, rather normalize women in positions of power in filmmaking. Our longterm goal is to celebrate an industry that is supportive of all gender and race. Created by Passerbuys and Women & Film, FFFEST provides a platform and community for filmmakers to share resources, guidance, and inspiration.

FFFEST is currently organizing the next annual festival to take place in NYC this Fall. Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter or following us at @fffest__ .



Clémence Polès

Clémence is a creative director & marketing strategist. In 2015 she founded Passerbuys, a recommendation website for women, with a mission to build a community where women help one another. As the creative head behind Passerbuys, Clémence interviews and photographs women from all walks of life, providing a platform for women to share genuine advice, everyday tips, and reliable recommendations.

Natalie Fält

Natalie is a film director, production designer, and creative director. With a mission to create a community and resource to share and promote the work of female identifying filmmakers, Natalie founded Women & Film. With Women & Film, Natalie curates and hosts regular screenings and talks in LA to inspire and cultivate work for women in media.

Mimi Packer

Mimi is a film, television, and documentary producer. Before joining forces with Passerbuys and Women & Film to create FFFEST, she produced film projects across the US and internationally, including productions in Poland, Thailand, and Mexico. Recent collaborations include Robyn, JR, Vogue and Vice, as well as Emmy nominated LGBQT series Gaycation and science docuseries Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.