Short Films by Barbara Hammer



Introduction by KJ Relth of UCLA Film & Television Archive



1974 / 4min



1975 / 8min


There is a certain glibness in calling someone a legend, but if there’s any artist worthy of the title it’s Barbara Hammer, whose nearly 50-year career has spanned disciplines and broken boundaries, but has focused most especially on moving images. At 78, she is considered a pioneer of queer experimental film—a field that hardly existed when Hammer began making work, and one that she has in large part defined herself. Her works—which also include photography, collages, drawings, and installations—explore the female experience, from the taboo (menstruation, orgasms, lesbian sexuality, cancer) to the less taboo (homes, nature, history).


Inspired largely by the work of Maya Deren, Hammer came out as a lesbian in her early 30s and began making films. Since then she has made over 80 films including the groundbreaking Dyketactic in 1974, Nitrate Kisses which premiered at the 1992 Sundance and Toronto Film Festivals, and her recent personal documentary A Horse is not a Metaphor. She has won several awards for her contributions to the experimental film community, and been the subject of retrospectives including at the MoMA, Tate Modern, and The Centre Pompidou.


Followed by a screening of Headless Woman by LUCRECIA MARTEL



Saturday, October 13th, 2018



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