Salaam Bombay! by Mira Nair

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Salaam Bombay!

1988 / 114mins / *Free Screening



Writer-director Mira Nair recruited children she met on the streets of Bombay to a workshop where they were prepared to star in her film about the rich community in the red light district of Bombay. Centered around the experience of an 11-year-old boy who has been abandoned by the circus, the film weaves together tales of the city’s young thieves, drug dealers, and prostitutes. At first the boy, Krishna, is frightened and alienated, but he soon becomes part of the community as he adapts to the criminal hierarchy and makes friends. Nair’s film is a tender portrait of a previously unrepresented community that “exploits neither the exoticism of her locale (there are no tour-guide, look-at-this flourishes) nor the misery of her subjects (suffer they may, but they do not demand pity)” (Dave Kehr, Chicago Tribune).


Mira Nair is a Academy Award nominated filmmaker whose films including Salaam Bombay!Monsoon Wedding (2001), and Queen of Katwe (2016) – to name a few – have established her as a living legend, known for telling stories about Indian culture for a global audience. She began her career making documentary films and crossed over into narrative filmmaking with Salaam Bombay! for which she was nominated for a Best Foreign Language Oscar in 1989. She founded the Salaam Baalak Trust which provides programs and resources for street children in the urban centers of India, and Maisha Film Labs, a non-profit training initiative for emerging East African filmmakers. 

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