The Headless Woman by Lucrecia Martel

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THE HEADLESS WOMAN (La mujer sin cabeza)

2008 / 87min / 35mm


Introduction by KJ Relth of UCLA Film & Television Archive


Verónica a middle-aged, bottle-blonde dentist in Argentina’s Salta province may or may not have struck and killed something — or someone — while driving home one afternoon. She bangs her head in the process, and spends the film in a woozy, disorientated, concussive state, while the men in her privileged family apparently collude to erase all traces of the accident. Award-winning director Lucrecia Martel’s rare gift for building social melodrama from sonic and spatial textures, behavioral nuances, and an unerringly brilliant sense of the joys, tensions, and suppressed emotion lurking within the familial structure is pushed to another level of creative daring. 

Preceded by short films by Barbara Hammer: Dyketactics (1974/4min), Psychosynthesis (1975/8min). Plus clips from Lucrecia Martel Visual History interview conducted on October 5, 2014 courtesy of Academy Oral History Projects.

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Saturday, October 13th, 2018



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